Terms and Conditions of Use of State Library Victoria's Monitor Scanning and Print Management Payment Service (the Monitor Service)

The Monitor Service allows you (the User) to manage and pay for your own document scanning and printing requirements, by using either the Service Kiosks located in the Library or Monitor Service pop-ups on your own personal devices.

You may create an account to use the Monitor Service either with your own mobile phone number or by creating a guest ticket.

By using the Monitor Service and any related offers or services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The Monitor Service is and remains the property of State Library Victoria.

Your use of the Monitor Service and all related accounts and guest tickets is subject to these and all applicable terms, conditions, rules, laws and regulations.

Your use of the Monitor Service and all related accounts and guest tickets is entirely at your own risk and responsibility, and State Library Victoria accepts no responsibility for loss beyond that afforded to you under applicable laws and regulations.

Your use of the Monitor Service, and all related accounts and guest tickets is not transferable.

Misuse, inappropriate use or illegal transactions can result in withdrawal and suspension of your right to use the Monitor Service and may result in prosecution or legal action.
Financial details will be kept confidential except when required to resolve any claim or dispute that you might have.

Monitor Service Accounts

A Monitor Service account is an account of pre-deposited funds accessed by you for using the Monitor Service. Pre-deposited funds cannot be withdrawn from the account. Funds deposited to the account shall be applied against amounts debited for using the Monitor Service. 

You understand and agree that the Monitor Service account is not a credit facility, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances  any circumstances. You are responsible to ensure all payment details are up to date.

If your account is below zero ($0.00) as a result of the Monitor Service being offline, you remain responsible for payment of any purchases. 

A credit will be made to your account in instances when library equipment fails to deliver the service.

Procedures for Lost, Stolen or Replacement Monitor Service Accounts 

Immediately report a lost, stolen or unauthorised Monitor Service account use to State Library Victoria during operating business hours.  Alternatively, you may suspend activity to your account through the My Monitor website. 

A replacement fee may apply to a lost Monitor Service account.

Payment for Using the Monitor Service

By using the Monitor Service, you consent to Monitor debiting your credit card or savings account by the amount of money that you specified. You also specifically agree to have sufficient funds available on your nominated credit card or savings account for payment or adding credit. 

You remain responsible and liable for, and neither Monitor nor State Library Victoria accept any liability for, fees that any financial institution may charge you concerning their successful or unsuccessful debiting of your credit card or savings account to pay for your use of the Monitor Service.